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DIY Cold Brew Coffee

July 22, 2017

I love coffee, I can drink it all of the time hot or cold. During the summer I don’t mind ordering a hot cup but these last few weeks have been hellish, so i’ve been reaching more for iced coffee. The thing about iced coffee though, is that if you don’t immediately drink it, it will get watered down and watery coffee is terrible. Enter cold brew coffee, the new coffee craze. I thought cold brew was just another way for coffee retailers to charge us more money (which i’m not complaining about, I love Starbucks); but after researching I found that cold brew is just another way to make coffee. Most coffee is brewed hot, but that can be very acidic and once it’s no longer warm it can become stale and just doesn’t taste good. Cold brew is brewed cold (duh) and that allows it to keep longer. So i tried it for the first time at Starbucks and it was good but that can add up so  I wanted to go the DIY route. I’ve made it a few times and I think i've got a handle on it. Lets get started: 


  1. You need to start with whole beans and grind them, I use my Nutri Bullet. Remember: the coarser, the better, too finely ground and that makes the coffee cloudy. 






  2. After the beans are ground you can put them in a container and fill the container with cold water. I play around with ratio of coffee to water but I use around ¾ cup of coffee for every 4 cups of water.

  3. Let the coffee brew for 12-24 hrs. You can leave it on the counter or put in the fridge. I prefer the fridge, that way I don’t need to use ice when it’s ready.



  4. Then I filter and enjoy!





I want to get a french press which I know will make my process slightly quicker, or there are cold brew systems for sale as well. The good thing about DIY is that you can tailor it how you like it. I like to use almond milk creamer, and next batch i'm going to try Cafe Bustelo, it was my favorite to drink at work. 


Hope you enjoy this DIY!

Tell me how you like your coffee!


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