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Air Travel With a Toddler

May 23, 2017

Traveling in general with a child is just stressful. There is no other way to put it, they add a level of complexity to things that are normally pretty easy, but you can’t be a hermit when you become a parent so you learn to manage. This week we travelled to Michigan, where Sean is from, to visit family and friends and we had to pack up Green Bean and bring him with us. We picked our flights and then I started to panic.. What can we bring? Where does the car seat go? Will he cry? Guys we have all heard those horror stories of babies on planes and i’ve been on planes with babies that kept crying, I DID NOT want to be that parent with that child. So I set out to research what to do. Here are a couple of things that helped us out: 


  1. Try and get an early morning flight (in my experience they're not as crowded and usually your child will still be tired so less possibility for noise)

  2. If your child is under 2 they can fly for free on your lap, when you check in for your flight there is an option to declare a lap child. If you prefer them to have their own seat just pay and they have to sit in their carseat

  3. You can check their carseat for free if they’re on your lap and you can gate check their stroller once you board.

  4. You can bring as much food and drink you think they’ll need for the flight. Just let the TSA agents know and they will check the liquids separately. If you are a breastfeeding mama same goes for you just let the agents know you have breast milk (frozen or liquid) and they’ll check it separately.

  5. Small children don’t have to remove their shoes as you’re being checked through TSA

Once we got on the plane he got a little rambunctious and I got nervous but we gave him a bottle and as soon as we were in the air he fell asleep (Thank God). Now all I can do is hope for such an awesome flight back home (Fingers crossed, prayers up)






Hope some of these tips help those of you thinking about travelling with your little ones.


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