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Workout Essentials

April 19, 2017

Exercising or going to the gym is a necessary evil in my opinion… Kinda like driving. I exercise so I hopefully won’t suffer in the long run when i’m older. I don’t think I’ll ever be the type of person who loves exercising. With that being said, these are the items that I need with me when I go to the gym:


Wireless Earbuds


These are essential because I need to listen to music or watch something on my phone while I’m working out. I like to listen to Pandora or Google Play Music workout radio stations. I like wireless ones so I'm not tied to my phone or I don't accidentally choke myself with the cable.  For a pair like mine, click here


Water Bottle


I feel like this is self-explanatory (and yet I added it)… I need water while I workout… Got this one from Target




Since my hair is curly it doesn’t fit under baseball caps, this keeps my hair out of my face and helps wick away sweat. I got this one from the Nike outlet but you can find them here


Fingerless gloves


I use these so I don’t get callouses on my hands when I lift weights. I got these from Ross but here are some from Amazon that are similar




I use these on days I would go after work, to wipe off makeup. I like these because they are thicker and softer than regular wipes but cheaper than makeup remover wipes. I got these from Target.



Without these things either I can't workout, or it just doesn't feel as good. What are some things you absolutely need when you workout or go to the gym?


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