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The Greens Turn Three!!!

March 27, 2017

This past weekend Sean and I went to Greenville South Carolina to celebrate our anniversary. When we first met he joked that he always wanted to get married the first weekend of the NCAA tournament, that way it would be hard to forget. I thought that was hilarious and I also love college basketball, so when we got engaged that's when we set our wedding for. Although our anniversary is March 22, whatever weekend is the first of the tournament is when we celebrate. We try and pick a new site every year. So this year we decided on Greenville!



Greenville is an awesome city. On the first day in between sessions, we went to this coffee shop called Coffee Underground and while we were waiting for our coffee I asked our hostess for the wifi password, and they treated it like we were asking for state secrets! It was hilarious, they gave us each our own code to access the wifi and the codes were only good for 60 minutes. They were not trying to be like Starbucks. 




It was a ton of fun even though neither of our teams made it out of the second round.

 My sister thankfully watched the Green Bean for us and here's one of the snaps she sent us <3


Three years down, forever and some change to go!


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