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Self Care

February 28, 2017

These past few weeks I’ve been going through a sort of “quarter life crisis”. I say it that way not to be flippant but I’ve just been feeling like professionally this is not where I imagined I would be at 25. So needless to say I have been down in the dumps. Sean has been trying to reassure me that everything will work out, and of course I know it will, it’s just that uncertainty freaks me out. I put this all out there because I know that I am not the only 20-something year old going through this and I want to let ya know we’re gonna get through this rough patch :-).

But self-care during this time for me has been super important. Self-care is just taking a little time for yourself to help you feel like you again. I know some people who make it a point to go on walks, get massages, do yoga or their weekly hair appointment. Anything to make you feel like a priority. I like to do face masks and deep condition my hair, or i’ll draw a bath.

It’s crazy how when life stresses you out how the most simple things bring you back to yourself. 

So please don't forget to take care of yourself when the troubles of life start to get in the way. 



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