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Goals... How Many of Us Have Them?

January 2, 2017


I hope we all take stock of ourselves at the end of the year and make goals on how to improve ourselves.


I make personal and spiritual goals every year and I’m going to share some of my personal goals here:


Become organized

My reasoning is that I always get on these schedule kick and eventually it all falls apart. My plan to attack this goal is to make it as easy as possible. Use my phone, planner, and calendar to my advantage.



I know this is probably one of the more overused goals but once again I have a plan of attack and it goes hand in hand with my first goal. My problem with working out is that I feel I don't have the time. Scheduling said time should relieve that stress.


This blog

I want this blog to be awesome so my goal is to do my best to make that happen. I have a list of topics that I hope you’ll all enjoy.



I want to read a new book a month. This used to be a normal for me to always have a book in my hand. I love to read and I just have to rediscover that love.



I have lived in Charlotte for almost two years and I haven't really taken advantage of what it has to offer. There is ton to do and see and I want Green Bean to see more.

Hopefully writing these goals out will make them feel more attainable for me. What are some of your goals?




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