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Happy Holidays

December 28, 2016

I probably could've put a more entertaining title but this is pretty much what it is. This was our first holiday season with Trae aka Green Bean and it was awesome! I tried not to get too overwhelmed because he's just a baby and, 1. He won't remember and 2. He probably won't care. With that being said we got him Christmas pajamas and a My First Christmas onesie to mark the occasion. 








 It was so funny when Trae went to open his presents. At first he wanted nothing to do with his presents, then we opened one side for him thinking he'll see how it's done and finish it himself. He got the hang of it but he was way more interested in the wrapping paper! It was hilarious! 

The Yankee Candle was one of the gifts from Sean he got Trae's picture with Santa and named the scent! I didn't even know this was a thing you could do! So precious and it smells delicious but I know I can never burn it.

I hope your holidays were great and I look forward to the new year. 

Until Next Time,



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